About iEARN

iEARN, The International Education and Resource Network is the largest (K-12) non-profit educational network made up of over 4,000 schools in 102 countries.

  1. iEARN is a community of educators and students who share the understanding that online collaborative projects enhance learning and instill the need to be actively involved in improving the quality of life on the planet."
  2. iEARN projects provide students with a real audience which plays a key role in their motivation throughout their work. All projects have a finished product and give students a sense of achievement. iEARN projects fit curriculum needs AND are teacher and students driven
  3. iEARN gives students the opportunity to enhance their critical thinking skills, apply their learning to real life problems, take action in their local communities, develop cross-cultural awareness and global understanding.
  4. Online collaboration culminates in several annual teachers and youth conferences that have created a unique professional, caring, dedicated and committed community of learners.

"iEARN empowers students and teachers to make a difference."

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