World Education Corps and iEARN collaborate


iEARN Lebanon is participating in the pilot program of the World Education Corps (WEC), an international volunteer service organization that unites the energy and idealism of youth with the power of digital media to meet global educational needs and to build awareness of critical issues facing the planet today.

WEC volunteers from around the world are engaged in community-based educational and humanitarian projects that aim to improve access of digital media resources, provide skills training and resources to local communities and empower youth, teachers and community leaders.

Prairie Summer from the United States is the WEC volunteer serving in Lebanon. More information on her projects and experiences are available on her blog.

The WEC also has a Lebanese volunteer, Paul Metni, serving in China. More information on his programs and initiatives are available on his blog in English or French.

In its pilot 2005-2006 program, the WEC has formed a strategic alliance with iEARN, an internationally acclaimed nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing educational opportunity through the use of digital media. For this pilot year, full-time WEC volunteers are working with local iEARN organizations in Argentina, China, Ghana, India, Jordan/Lebanon, Nigeria, Pakistan, Tanzania, Uganda and the United States.

The WEC is guided by a number of core values, including reliance on international partners for the definition of appropriate programs, respect for local traditions and cultural norms, freedom from religious doctrines and political partisanship, and commitment to fostering sustainable practices and ICT independence.

WEC Founder and Chairman Dr. James Martin, a long-time authority in the computer industry and the author of more than 100 textbooks, initially conceived the idea for the WEC while writing his forthcoming book The Meaning of the 21st Century: Transformation and Survival.

The WEC is the central program of the World Education Institute, one of the ten institutes comprising The James Martin 21st Century School, founded at Oxford University in 2005.

If you have questions or comments about the World Education Corps, please visit or contact the WEC at

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