YouthCaN Med

youthcan logo on stageFifth Annual YouthCaN Med videoconference is held on April 10th, 2006 at the American Community School in Beirut.
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United Beyond Our Diversity

an art muralFifty students from all over Lebanon produce collaborative half murals as part of the United Beyond Our Diversity project.
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BRIDGE Exchange, October 2005

kids planting a tree at USLUniversal School of Lebanon - Verona School, Madison
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BRIDGE Exchange, May 2005

leb students in the USA group of students from four Lebanese schools - Verona School, Madison Lebanon
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Introduction to iEARN Writing project

Teachers part of the introduction to writing course gathered on May 27th at the International Education Association for a debriefing workshop, Spring 2006 and shared their portfolios
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World Education Corps and iEARN collaborate

prairieWEC, World Education Corps volunteer Prairie Summer joins iEARN-Lebanon
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Arabic Online Learning Circle

YemenTwenty five teachers from Yemen, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Syria and Oman, engage in an online Arabic Learning Circle, as part of the EDC, e-learning program in Yemen

Introduction to Training

teachersTwenty teachers join an introduction to training course in Bir Hassan and continue to learn in a 10-week online course. The program is conducted in collaboration with the Center of Educational Research and Development in Beirut and the English Language Fellow. Spring 2006
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