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iEARN (International Education and Resource Network) is a non-profit organization made up of over 20,000 schools in more than 109 countries.

iEARN Argentina :
The iEARN-Argentina Center has been active since 1990. Starting in Patagonia, iEARN-Argentina has worked with the Ministry of Education to expand iEARN to hundreds of schools across the country.

iEARN Armenia :
One of the most important achievements of iEARN-Armenia is the publication of compositions of Armenian students on genocide topic in the 10 th issue of "An End to Intolerance" magazine, which is published in the United States .

iEARN Australia :
iEARN-Australia was one of the founding members Centers of iEARN. iEARN-Australia is run by a Management Team which is elected every year. Teachers and students in Australia are very active in coordinating a number of significant iEARN projects.

iEARN Austria :
iEARN has a small number of participating schools in Austria, led by a school in Wien.

iEARN Bangladesh :
iEARN-Bangladesh works with a number of schools and youth organizations in the Dhaka area. Teacher training workshops have been held to bring online project-based learning to Bangladeshi students and teachers.

iEARN Belarus :
iEARN in Belarus is a non-profit organization with close ties to educational and youth institutions which involves approximately three hundred belarussian students annually in collaborative national and international project work.

iEARN Canada :
iEARN-Canada has been active in iEARN since 1992 and was one of the original signatories of the iEARN constitution.

iEARN Congo :
iEARN-Congo works with the Initiatives Jeunes in Kinshasa-Limete to enable young people in the Congo to interact worldwide. They are active in French-language projects.

iEARN Czech Republic :
Working with the Open Society Institute/Soros Foundation, the iEARN Center in the Czech Republic was created in 1995.

iEARN Egypt :
iEARN-Egypt is working with RITSEC, the Ministry of Education, and other organizations to train teachers and involve schools throughout Egypt in iEARN projects, particularly those concerning civic responsibility.

iEARN Finland :
iEARN works with the city of Espoo City, Department of Education, which is coordinating a national iEARN-Finland program.

iEARN Greece :
iEARN-Greece works with individual schools in Greece, primarily in the Athens area. Most teachers are in primary/elementary schools. Teachers have translated the iEARN Project Description Booklet into Greek.

iEARN Georgia :
GEARN (iEARN-Georgia)With assistance from the Open Society Institute, GEARN (Georgian Education and Resource Network, iEARN-Georgia) started project work with schools in 2000, and have since created a discussion forum in Georgian.

iEARN Hungary :
Working with the Open Society Institute and the Soros Foundation, iEARN created an iEARN-Hungary in 1995, which is based in Budapest, involving primary and secondary schools. iEARN-Hungary hosted the 1996 iEARN International Conference July 6-13, 1996.

iEARN India :
iEARN-India is a registered trust "Education and Resource Network-India" and is working with educators in Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Goa, Delhi, Calcutta and Madras to expand Indian student global networking.

iEARN Indonesia :
iEARN-Indonesia works with the UNESCO-sponsored Associated Schools Project to connect schools throughout the country and conduct teacher professional development workshops. Participation is open to all schools.

iEARN Iran :
iEARN-Iran has worked with the Science and Arts Foundation (SAF) in Tehran to link schools in Iran. SchoolNet is the main project of SAF whose promise is to provide model state Iranian schools with modern computer sites and access to the Internet.

iEARN Italy

iEARN Jamaica :
iEARN-Jamaica is part of a broad coalition of public and private organizations working to enhance basic and science education in Jamaica. Working with Dr. Julius Garvey, iEARN is training teachers on computer use and applications in the classroom.

iEARN Japan :
iEARN-Japan works with Teleclass International in Osaka to involve schools throughout the country in iEARN project work. Japanese schools are interested in working on cross- cultural, environmental and language-based projects.

iEARN Jordan :
iEARN has conducted a number of teacher training programs across Jordan involving more than a dozen schools throughout the kingdom. Students and teachers are actively involved in projet work.

iEARN Kazakhstan :
Working with the Open Society Institute, iEARN-Kazakhstan was created in 1996, which is based in Almaty, involving about 40 schools. Training workshops have been held annually since 1997, sometimes in conjunction with iEARN-Kyrgyzstan.

iEARN kenya :
iEARN works with a limited number of schools, in Nairobi, Wundanyi and other communities. In Wundanyi, iEARN collaborates with the Global Education Partnership to link up students through local community centers.

iEARN Lithuania :
Working with the Open Society Institute and the Soros Foundation, since 1995 iEARN has established an iEARN Center in Lithuania, involving 20 schools in Vilnius, Kaunas and other cities.

iEARN Macedonia :
iEARN in Macedonia (IMOR -- Internacionalna mreza zaobrazovanie i resursi) is an independent NGO. On-line programs were created in 1998. Training workshops have been held to prepare teachers for on-line project work.

iEARN-Mexico :
iEARN-Mexico is involved with a number of schools throughout the country. Students are active on the primary school level in a number of iEARN projects.

iEARN Mongolia :
The iEARN-Mongolia program started in 1998, with assistance from the Open Society Institute and Mongolian Foundation for Open Society in Ulaanbaatar.

iEARN Morocco :
iEARN is working with a network of schools in the eastern section of of the country. An iEARN-Morocco program has been created. Project work is in Arabic, French and English.

iEARN Nepal :
iEARN-Nepal is based in Kathmandu, and works with schools from all regions of the country to deliver teacher training and student exchange programs.

iEARN Netherlands :
The I*EARN-Netherlands Center has been active since 1990 and finds its grass-roots level at the Onderwijs Computer Centrum ABC in Amsterdam. Ten years later, June 2000, the I*EARN-Netherlands foundation was officially established.

iEARN Pakistan :
iEARN-Pakistan has recently included a number of Pakistani schools in project work. This is supplemented through a special project with the U.S. Department of State to use iEARN projects as a means of enhancing ESL/EFL, called the CIVICS Project.

iEARN Peru :
iEARN-Peru works in coordination with the WorLD Program. Approximately 40 schools from different parts of the country are working on both national and international projects.

iEARN Poland :
Working with the Open Society Institute and the Soros Foundation since 1995, iEARN has established an iEARN Center in Warsaw, Poland, within the "Internet for Schools" initiative, involving hundreds of schools throughout the country.

iEARN ORILLAS Center in Puerto Rico :
The iEARN ORILLAS Center in Puerto Rico involves schools throughout the island and is based at the University of Puerto Rico. Center schools have been active in bi-lingual and cross-cultural telecommunications since the 1980s.

iEARN Romania :
Working with the Open Society Institute (Soros Foundation), iEARN created iEARN-Romania in 1995, involving many schools in Dej, Calarasi, Eforie Sud and other cities.

iEARN Russia :
The InterRegional Center in Moscow is based in the Council of Cybernetics, within the Russian Academy of Sciences. The Center has been active in iEARN since 1990. Even earlier, the Academy partnered with iEARN and the New York Education Department.

iEARN Sierra Leone :
iEARN-Sierra Leone is working with administrators of individual schools to enable students to engage in on-line projects on environmental issues and experiences with/as child soldiers.

iEARN Slovakia :
Working with the Open Society Institute and the Soros Foundation since 1995, iEARN has established an iEARN-Slovakia Center in Kosice, Slovakia.

iEARN Slovenia :
Working with the Open Society Institute and the Soros Foundation since 1995, iEARN launched the iEARN-Slovenia Center, which is based in Ljubljana, and involves schools around the country. Students and teachers often have leased or ISDN lines.

iEARN Spain :
iEARN in Spain has been active since 1989 and is based in Barcelona, Catalunya. iEARN-Pangea has worked to involve schools in the region and has created a telecommunications network called "Pangea" to allow schools to work inexpensively.

iEARN Sri Lanka :
iEARN started working in Sri Lanka in 2000, made possible through a special project with the U.S. Department of State to use iEARN projects as a means of enhancing civic education combining physical exchanges and telecommunications.

iEARN Suriname :
Schools in Suriname have been involved in iEARN since 1998 and are working on environmental and other projects. They have shared this project work at several iEARN international conferences.

iEARN Taiwan :
iEARN in Taiwan is a non-profit educational telecommunications network. iEARN-Taiwan works in conjunction with the Ministry of Education and the Taiwan Academic Network (TANet).

iEARN Trinidad & Tobago :
Schools in Trinidad & Tobago have been involved in iEARN since 2001through the assistance of the Sister Cities program there.

iEARN Ukraine :
Working with the Open Society Institute and the Soros Foundation, iEARN created an iEARN program in Ukraine in 1997, which is based in Kiev and Karkhov. Teacher trainings have been held for new schools throughout the country.

iEARN-USA is a member of iEARN (International Education and Resource Network), the world's largest non-profit global network that enables young people to use the Internet and other new technologies to engage in collaborative educational projects

iEARN Uzbekistan :
iEARN - Uzbekistan grows out of a collaboration with IREX to conduct professional developement workshops for educators and others in Uzbek communities.

Lebanese Links

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